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Letter # 41

The latest news to keep you informed

to you all!

My apologies for not having written sooner but as you can see, I've been flat out!

the new flagpole Actually, a great deal has been happening but I just didn't feel like getting it down in writing. At "Riverbend" I painted the balcony and installed a 12-m flagpole at the water's edge.

It's now one of the things you can see from Outer Space along with the Great Wall of China!

I also treated myself to a new ride-on mower to turn "Riverbend"'s grass into lawn.

Besides all that, I travelled to Tonga in August/September 2006 where I fell into the clutches of Siegfried & Brunhilde (not their real names which are Mr & Mrs Asshole), two of the nastiest Germans on the planet. I did manage to escape from their little Devil's Island to spend another thoroughly enjoyable week on Lifuka in Ha'apai where I befriended Horst Berger, a resident expatriate.

In February 2007 I escaped to tropical Far North Queensland to revisit Cairns and Kuranda. During a casual conversation with a busdriver, I asked what Cooktown was like. "The world's largest unfenced asylum", he replied, "with about eleven hundred inhabitants, a thousand of which are dole bludgers and the rest bar maids." I was on my way! And I had a great time in good old Cooktown! More of this and my Tonga experiences after I've come back from Samoa. Yes, you've read correctly: I'm off again on the 20th April for a quick dash to Polynesia to visit Samoa.

Deltacraft However, this is still a few weeks away. In the meantime I'm looking at boats! I had a mooring laid in the river off "Riverbend" a couple of years ago but am still sans a boat which is about to change: two boats currently moored in the Clyde River are for sale and one of them may soon occupy the "Riverbend" mooring.

One is a 19ft. (5.8m) DELTACRAFT, which is an ideal riverboat with very shallow draft. The other is a 19ft. "pocket cruiser", a SAVAGE NAUTILUS, which although a sailing vessel, has an inbuilt 8HP Yanmar diesel engine and a shoal keel with only 0.9m draft which makes it workable on the river. (The two pictures are not of the actual boats but of similar-type vessels) The differences between these two vessels, both in characteristics and price, couldn't be greater but they both have onboard accommodation which means I can camp out on the river for a few days at a time. Great!!!

Best wishes and from us all!
Peter & Padma & Malty& Rover
28 March 2007



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