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Letter # 19

The latest news to keep you informed

to you all!

Padma admiring her work Padma's First Prize "And the winner is ..." Padma scored seven prizes at the "Nelligen Spring Fair" with her flower arrangements, needlework and home-made cookies and jams! Her butter cookies won First Prize in the "Cooking" section; her Koala cross-stitch scored a Second Prize in the "Craft" section as did her orchid flower arrangement in the Flower Show with yet another Second Prize in the "Cut Flowers" section for her arrangement of Australian native plants. Her blue knee rug won another Second Prize in the "Knitting & Craft" section and another yellow rug won a Third Prize, and she finished up with an "Encouragement Award" for yet another chrochetted rug.

All Padma's own work! I am now busy widening the entrance to the house so that her swollen head can still fit through it! Jokes aside though, she deserves the accolade as the cross-stitch of the koala in particular had kept her busy for many long nights. Well done, Padma!

My brother in Germany emailed me the sad news of his wife's passing-away last Wednesday. Sonja had been sick and in and out of hospital for quite some time and yet the news came as quite a shock. And tomorrow is the first anniversary of the passing-away of my good friend Ted in Greece.

The roll-a-door is gone and with it the possum's home The possum, after it lost its home, being compensated with a few carrot pieces The garage renovation is progressing with the ceiling panels completed. The possum lost its home after I took down the old roll-a-door. Where will it sleep tonight I wonder? I now need to think about what to do about the walls and the floor and order the sliding glass door to replace the roll-a-door.

Best wishes and from us all!
Peter & Padma & Malty & Rover
17 October 2004



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