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Letter # 20

The latest news to keep you informed

to you all!

The transformation of the garage into a "Bibliothéque" is progressing slowly: the carpet-layers are coming on Friday and I am still waiting for the electrician to instal the lights and power points. Then it'll be my turn to shift the fifteen bookshelves and five thousand-odd books and hang up some nice pictures - check back soon for some photographs of the interior!

... as seen from the main house Looking from the "Bibliothéque" to the main house and the river beyond
A full frontal view Building some outdoor benches

Summer is here and "Riverbend" is buzzing with life: there are butterflies everywhere, and countless birds (including a very tame kookaburra who shares our breakfast); a pair of pelicans have hatched their young ones in the lagoon (shades of "Storm Boy"); occasionally, we find a large lizard sunning itself on the jetty, and just a few days ago we discovered several turtles in our pond. At night we leave the windows open as the relentless croaking of a myriad of frogs lulls us to sleep.

Padma in front of Nelligen's Anglican Church Some months ago, we joined in the activities of the local Anglican Church which is housed in the old Nelligen Court House (how appropriate!) There is only ONE service on the second Sunday every month which is followed by a sumptous breakfast at the back of the Church (Court House) overlooking the upper reaches of the Clyde River. There are other gatherings and activities to which Padma usually contributes generously her home-cooking and home-made goods.

It's Edmee's 88th birthday on the 20th of November Several years ago, we taught some courses at the Batemans Bay "University of the Third Age" but this year we decided to revitalise our basic knowledge of the French language and enrolled with Edmee Tasman who is a remarkable lady of 88 of Belgian origin but with a very chequered background, including many years in Indonesia where she spent three years in a Japanese prison camp during the war. She now lives in a small retirement village in the Bay and gives tuition in French and Indonesian. Our meetings every Wednesday are somewhat reminiscent of "Tuesdays with Morrie" when Edmee tells us about her interesting life. She seems to have almost total recall and mentally (if not physically) is as agile as a person half her age. Yes, we also manage to get in some French lessons during which we use the excellent Usborne Internet-Linked FIRST THOUSAND WORDS IN FRENCH. It's Edmee's 88th birthday this Saturday and we will bring her a cake and share in the celebrations with a few other close friends.

Best wishes and from us all!
Peter & Padma & Malty & Rover
18 November 2004



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