Letter # 3

For today's joke

Dear All,

Tomorrow is C-Day: Cataract Day! as I shall be going in for my second cataract operation.

I felt quite nervous about it before my first operation in March but two websites helped me to get all the facts:

http://www.nei.nih.gov/health/cataract/cataract_facts.htm and http://www.clinicareinoso.com/conditns/qx_cat.htm.

The time of my Samoan trip is still not fixed as I am waiting for my "pupil" to catch up with his work before I go there to attend to all the too-hard stuff. In the meantime, AESOP have asked me to go to East Timor for three months but how can I go away from "Riverbend" for three months?

A few days before Easter, Padma took the bus to Melbourne where she stayed with our friends, a very lovely Afghani family. The bus was a "red-eye special" which left Batemans Bay at 8 o'clock in the evening and arrived in Melbourne at 8 o'clock in the morning! Twelve hours on a bus!!! Luckily, she came back to Riverbend with the Afghani family in their car and we all spend Easter together at Riverbend. See for yourself how far it is!

We have had some very unseasonally heavy rains and everything looks very lush and green. With autumn upon us, we have had the fireplace lit on a few nights already and I am looking forward to many more. There's is nothing better than a roaring fire, a glass of Glühwein and a good book!

With best wishes from the Riverbend Quartet!
Peter & Padma & Malty & Rover
Wednesday, 30 April 2003


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