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Local Links
  1.    Back to your favourite spot: Riverbend Cottage
  2.    The story of the beautiful Clyde River
  3.    Some History of Batemans Bay
  4.    Walk the historic Corn Trail
  5.    Nelligen's GOLDEN DAYS
  6.    Some more of the Bay's History
  7.    How Batemans Bay got its Name
  8.    The Bay's Community News
  9.    Visit Old Mogo Town
  10.    Camping at Shallow Crossing
  11.    Nelligen's General Store
  12.   Business problems? Get help!
  13.    Shake your family tree
  14.   Need a website? Contact me!
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Overseas Links
  1.    A South Pacific island hide-away
  2.    ... and then there's Tonga: Happy Ha'apai
  3.    Book here for your next Bali Holiday! We did and loved it!
  4.    Here's something to help you to Get Away
  5.    The Bougainville Copper Project
  6.    My favourite accordion, CASTAGNARI, made in Italy
  7.    Something very special: LORIN at Saba Bai in Bali
  8.    The Harris Hotels in Indonesia - great value!
  9.    A comfortable little resort in North Bali: Villa Agung
  10.    A Dutch painter in Bali: Theo Zantman
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Charities worthy of support
  1.    Help them fly: Kupu-kupu means butterfly in Indonesian
  2.    A worthwhile cause to support: Bali Crisis Care
  3.    Please help the Orangutans. I do!
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Books and Stories
  1.    My favourite book and island
  2.    My 40-year anniversary in 2005
  3.    Somerset W. Maugham's The Lotus Eater
  4.    The story of Pigeon Island: FARAWAY
  5.    Another Maugham story: German Harry
  6.    And another one: French Joe
  7.    ... and yet another: The Outstation
  8.    My favourite poem: Road Less Traveled
  9.    Gaia Grant's Bali book: A PATCH OF PARADISE
  10.    My trip to Thursday Island
  11.    ... and to Samoa
  12.    Memories of Barton House
  13.    My (short) time in South West Africa
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  1.    Clyde River Sailing
  2.    Learn to play chess
  3.    Learn to build a simple website
  4.    Read about famous people
  5.    English spelling
  6.    Free Thumbnails software
  7.    Words, words, words
  8.    White Pages
  9.    Letters to our Friends
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