One of my favourite books
"FARAWAY" by Lucy Irvine
Author of the bestselling CASTAWAY
A critique

FARAWAY Seventeen years after the events described in her bestselling book "Castaway", Lucy Irvine was travelling again. With her three sons, she went to live for a year on remote Pigeon Island in the farthest corner of the Solomons. The invitation had come from the intrepid eighty-year-old, Diana Hepworth, who, in 1947, set sail from England and embarked on a hazardous journey to find a faraway paradise where she and her husband Tom could raise a family.

Pigeon Island, on any but a hand-drawn map, is so minute it's almost impossible to find. It lies on the eastern edge of the Solomons, in a scatter of atolls called Reef Islands, which in turn lie in a strung-out archipelago called Temotu Province, with a total land surface of under a thousand square kilometres in one hundred and fifty thousand square kilometres of sea ... If you're looking for a seriously remote island within islands, within an unimaginable vastness of ocean, this is it.

My own involvement with Pigeon Island.

Lucy Irvine's Home Page.

The hotel operated by the Irvines in Scotland.

A map of the Solomon Islands courtesy of lonely planet.

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