Cottages on Bali

You are invited to join a select group of only five like-minded people to share in the personal use of this exquisite Bali property
Each partner's share approximately AUS$40,000
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Street Front This small hotel complex is situated on 5 are of land overlooking the ocean in the village of Lipah. There is a private water supply, electric power and propane gas. There is also an adjoining 2 are piece across the street which goes down to the beach. There is guest parking on this second piece of land and a stairway goes down to the beach giving the Cottages private beach access. On the main property, there are three large buildings. The largest one has 2 floors and contains four hotel units. Another adjacent building has also 2 floors and contains another 2 hotel units. All buildings are architecturally designed and engineered and constructed with the proper permits. All hotel units have large main rooms with wide open ocean views, private balconies, and each unit has its own private marble bathroom with hot and cold water.

All units are airconditioned with fan and are finished in superior standard. In addition there is a third large building. This contains a very nice ocean view restaurant and large kitchen which is tiled throughout with separate freezers for meats and vegetables, and two preparations sinks.

There is also a restroom in the restaurant, a small library and a cold drinks refrigerator. Upstairs in this 2-storey building are the managerís quarters.

There is a swimming pool (of the infinity or horizon-view variety), with pumps and filter system, and wonderful ocean views and beautiful surroundings. The whole property is nicely landscaped. Amed/Lipah has one of the finest snorkling and diving areas in Bali and is one of the last unspoiled areas in a quiet village setting which make it highly desirable as a holiday destination.

This is NOT some dreaded time-share! You have fulltime and exclusive right to one specific apartment which is yours and yours alone where you can keep all your personal things, and come and go at the drop of a hat with no more preparation than booking your airline ticket.

The property will be staffed by Indonesian personnel who service the rooms and maintain the common area and swimming pool. The staff also operate the small intimately-sized restaurant where residents can dine 'en famile' (there are no kitchen facilities inside the apartment) at well below commercial prices (any small surplus generated from this enterprise will be for the resident caretaker's wife to keep as she attends to the cooking.) The caretaker is in residence at all times to ensure the privacy and security of the residents and their belongings.
View from the Pool By the Pool Beach Access Steps to Beach
Most of you who read this, know me personally. To those who have not yet met me and wonder who I am, here are a few words by way of introduction:
I am a retired chartered management consultant and accountant who has lived for many years on tropical islands. My wife and I currently live in Australia but plan to spend part of the year in Bali. We could afford to purchase the property outright but as we would not be making use of it all year round, it makes good sense to seek several like-minded people to acquire it jointly with us, as a peaceful holiday residence for each partner's personal and exclusive use.

If you are a cynic you might well ask, "Where is the catch?" Well, there isn't one unless you consider the mutual sharing of costs to maintain an exotic and enviable life-style as some sort of a trap. To be sure, just as you would want to consider this proposal carefully, we also will wish to make quite sure that only the most suitable candidates will join what will hopefully become a convivial group of friends.

Indeed, a partner's 'compatibility', his or her desire to respectfully share common property and be on good terms with one another and the people of the surrounding village is just as important as their ability to afford the purchase price. There would be some ongoing maintenance charges depending on the extent of common property and services mutually agreed by all the partners. Some of these charges would be fixed whereas others are determined by each partner's number of days in residence each year. This would be annually determined and accounted for similar to a Body Corporate in Australia.

The price for each self-contained apartment (which will be securely locked and reserved for each partner's exclusive use) will be approximately AUS$40,000 (depending on final settlement figures) which is quite an affordable amount thanks due to the current strength of the Australian dollar. It is expected that the Indonesian rupiah will strengthen after this year's presidential election. While we do not wish to rush things, we hope to complete this purchase before the middle of 2004.

There being six self-contained apartments of approximately 63 square metres each, the group will consist of a maximum of six partners who will run the property similar to a "company title" under Australian rules. So far, we have received two expressions of interest and as my wife and I would purchase one unit each, there are at least two units still available (therefore, as a maximum there would be FIVE joint owners which, provided they chose one another wisely, should allow for a harmonious consensus-based running of the property.)

Ordinarily, foreigners are not allowed to own property in Indonesia. However, my wife is Indonesian and she would purchase the property in her own name. In lieu of a title deed, each partner's contribution would be fully covered by an Australian bank guarantee to be drawn upon under certain conditions if and when a partner's share is sold.

Final details will be worked out by mutual consent of all partners.
This is an exploratory proposal to determine the level of interest.

Please note that this is NOT a money-making scheme (neither for you nor for us) but rather a life-style choice. Prospective partners who would wish to quickly dispose of their purchase in anticipation of rapid capital gains are discouraged from applying. The exact amount of each partner's contribution will be determined by the final purchase price but is expected to be approximately AUS$40,000. There are no handling fees or "profits" accruing to me. The final purchase price will be equitably divided amongst the unit holders and copies of all purchase documentation will be made available. If that is not enough proof then all I can say is "Trust me!" (and perhaps refer them to my past record of employment in positions of trust) - those who know me, will; those who don't, are not even included in this invitation.

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